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Top 5 Flavours: Sensational Strawberries


Strawberry is one of the UK’s most loved e-liquid flavours. The delicious juicy berry boasts sweet characteristics and is also perfect to pair with other fruits, making it an incredibly popular choice of e-liquid flavour.


Here at Go-Liquid, we stock a huge range of strawberry flavours. Today, we are going to be giving you a quick run through of five of our favourites that we highly recommend trying. So, without further ado, here are five sensational strawberry vape flavours.


IVG E-Liquid – Strawberry Millions


Oozing with succulent taste, IVG’s Strawberry Millions features a mouth-watering combination of sweet strawberries and sticky bubble-gum with candy undertones on exhale. Strawberry Millions is a typical IVG flavour; sweet, succulent and sugary. Just like the rest of the Millions range, this flavour is perfect for lovers of candy flavoured e-liquid.

IVG Strawberry Millions - E-Liquid Review

To view Strawberry Millions in our store, click here.


Element E-Liquid – Strawberry Whip


Element’s Strawberry Whip is a luscious dessert blend that seems to get better with every inhale. Strawberry Whip features the taste of sugar coated strawberries accompanied by the taste of silky-smooth clotted cream and freshly baked shortbread. Strawberry Whip is a truly irresistible flavour and is a demonstration of Element’s ability to create a magnificent dessert flavour.

Element Strawberry Whip - E-Liquid Review

To view Strawberry Whip in our store, click here.


Dinner Lady – Strawberry Bikini Ice


Dinner Lady’s Strawberry Bikini Ice is a simple yet effective flavour that is sure to provide you with the taste of summer no matter the weather. Strawberry Bikini features the taste of zesty lemonade washed down with sweet strawberries and a blast of crushed ice on exhale. This refreshing flavour is the definition of an all day vape.

To view Strawberry Bikini Ice in our store, click here.


Double Drip – Strawberry & Banana Waffle


Double Drip’s Strawberry & Banana Waffle is a shamelessly indulgent dessert flavour that will leave you just wanting more. On inhale, strong notes of strawberry and banana fight for dominance, before the taste of syrupy waffles take over on exhale. Strawberry & Banana Waffle is a must try for lover of dessert flavoured vapes.

Double Drip Strawberry & Banana Waffle - E-Liquid Review

To view Strawberry & Banana Waffle in our store, click here.


Big Tasty – Juiced Strawberry Daiquiri


Last and certainly not least on our list, we have Juiced Strawberry Daiquiri courtesy of Big Tasty. This superb 100ml shortfill features the taste of juicy strawberries paired with zesty lemon and lime soda. Juiced Strawberry Daiquiri is an invigorating flavour that is packed with mouth-watering taste. If you're looking for a tongue-twisting cocktail flavour, you've just found one.

Big Tasty Strawberry Daiquiri - E-Liquid Review

To view Juiced Strawberry Daiquiri in our store, click here.

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