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Top 5 Flavours: The Grape Escape


Today, we are going to be focusing on five of our favourite grape flavoured e-liquids. Grape is one of the UK’s most popular fruits when it comes to e-liquid flavours. The delicious fruit boasts sweet and sugary flavour, making it an ideal fruit to use in e-liquid. Grape is also incredibly easy to pair with other fruits as it doesn’t tend to be an overpowering flavour. Without further ado, let's get our teeth stuck in to five of the greatest grape vapes.


IVG – Purple Slush

IVG - Purple Slush Review

Kicking off our list, we have an icy delight courtesy of IVG. Purple Slush utilises the classic taste of black grape as its base flavour and is topped off with hints of fresh lime and sticky bubblegum. On exhale, an extra blast of ice completes this flavour, giving it the characteristics of a fruity slushy drink. Purple Slush is a delicious example of IVG’s ability to produce a stunning iced fruit flavour.


To purchase IVG’s Purple Slush click here.


Element E-Liquid – Grape Vape

Element E-Liquid - Grape Vape Review 

Without a doubt our most popular grape flavour, Element’s Grape Vape is part of their FAR range, which pays homage to the classic tastes of America. This magnificent flavour features a full bodied trilogy of Concord, Ruby and Red Globe grapes. Boasting natural flavourings, Element’s Grape Vape is a timeless grape e-liquid that is sure to leave you feeling totally satisfied.


To purchase Element’s Grape Vape click here.


Riot Squad E-Liquid – Rich Black Grape

Riot Squad - Rich Black Grape Review

Riot Squad’s Rich Black Grape is a chaotic flavour that is bursting with divine taste. This simple yet effective flavour is sure to rock your taste-buds due to its explosive taste. Rich Black Grape boasts the taste of ripe, black grapes topped off by an understated dash of mint on exhale. Rich Black Grape is a great option for anyone looking to try a straight up grape flavour with a dash of menthol on exhale.


To purchase Riot Squad’s Rich Black Grape click here.


Jam Monster – Grape

 Jam Monster - Grape Review

Jam Monster’s Grape is an enchanting sour fruit blend. A bittersweet grape jam is evident throughout and is topped off by slight hints of creamy butter and light toast for a totally authentic and unique tasting vape flavour. Lovers of jam flavoured e-liquid should give this shortfill a try, it won’t leave you feeling disappointed.


To purchase Jam Monster’s Grape click here.


Twelve Monkeys – Galago

Twelve Monkeys - Galago Review

Galago is a delicate blend of ripe tasting flavours courtesy of Twelve Monkeys. This outrageously tasty flavour is without a doubt one of the stand out flavours available in Twelve Monkeys’ Origins range. Designed to provide you with long lasting coil life, this low in sugar flavour boasts the taste of bitter grape entwined with sharp lychee. Galago is an outrageously tasty balanced vape.


To purchase Twelve Monkeys’ Galago click here.

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