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Top 5 Flavours: Wonderful Watermelon


Watermelon is one of the most refreshing fruits. Boasting a distinct tropical taste with sweet and subtle hints, the invigorating fruit is often used as an e-liquid flavour. We’ve picked five of our favourite watermelon flavours available on our site for all of you lovers of the juicy fruit.


IVG – Strawberry Watermelon Chew

It’s fair to say that IVG are masters of creating sweet, candy flavoured vapes: Strawberry Watermelon Chew is a testimony to that. Featuring the taste of ripe tasting strawberries and juicy watermelon accompanied by undertones of sweet chewing gum, this flavour is truly a must try for sweet toothed vapers. Strawberry Watermelon Chew is a masterpiece and is one of IVG’s most popular flavours of all time.

IVG - Strawberry Watermelon Chill Review

To purchase IVG’s Strawberry Watermelon Chew in our store, click here.


Element E-Liquid – Watermelon Chill

Element’s Watermelon Chill is one of the staple flavours within their traditional range. This flavour has long been one of their most popular stand alone flavours and proves that sometimes simplicity is key. Watermelon Chill boasts the taste of fresh, juicy watermelon topped off with an outrageously fresh hint of mint on exhale.

Element - Watermelon Chill Review

To purchase Element’s Watermelon Chill in our store, click here.


Dinner Lady – Watermelon Slices

Sweet and sour notes of watermelon topped off by fizzy candy undertones. Dinner Lady’s Watermelon Slices takes inspiration from the classic Pick N’ Mix sweet and is the the definition of a truly tongue-twisting flavour. Watermelon Slices is also available as an iced variant if you prefer to vape with a hit of menthol on exhale.

Dinner Lady - Watermelon Slices Review

To purchase Dinner Lady’s Watermelon Slices in our store, click here.


Big Tasty – Exotic Aquamelon Pome

Exotic Aquamelon Pome is part of the thirst quenching Big Tasty e-liquid range. This flavour is how I would describe the taste of summer. Featuring two contrasting fruits, Exotic Aquamelon Pome boasts the flavour of both summer-ripe watermelon and glorious pomegranate. Exotic Aquamelon Pome is a tasty concoction that will leave you feeling totally satisfied.

Big Tasty - Exotic Aquamelon Pome Review

To purchase Big Tasty’s Exotic Aquamelon Pome in our store, click here.


Twelve Monkeys – Kanzi

Canadian company Twelve Monkeys have long been one of the world’s leading vaping brands. Kanzi is an irresistible fusion of strawberry, watermelon of kiwi topped off by a mouth-watering blast of candy on exhale. This succulent candy concoction is sure to salivate any palate. If you happen to be a fan of candy flavoured e-liquid, then look no further than Kanzi.

Twelve Monkeys - Kanzi Review

To purchase Twelve Monkeys’ Kanzi in our store, click here.

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