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Top 5 Riot Squad Shortfills of 2020


Riot Squad are one of the world’s leading vaping brands. Despite only being around since 2016, the British company are without a doubt one of the most recognisable brands within the vaping industry and are known best for their bold tasting, fruity e-liquid. Today, we are going to be looking at 5 of their most impressive shortfill flavours. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.


5 – Blue Burst

Riot Squad Blue Burst 50ml Shortfill

Blue Burst has long been one of Riot Squad’s staple flavours and features a delicious blend of blue raspberries washed down by a chilling blast of ice on exhale. This simple yet effective flavour has been replicated countless times within the vaping industry, but no one quite does it like Riot Squad. Blue Burst is sure to immerse your taste-buds into sub-zero temperatures. This menthol explosion will set your senses alight!


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4 – Menthol Tobacco

Riot Squad Menthol Tobacco 50ml Shortfill

Menthol Tobacco moves away from the traditional Riot Squad taste. Although the British company are known for their fruity tasting e-liquid, this flavour demonstrates their versatility and ability to produce a stellar tobacco shortfill. Menthol Tobacco features the taste of smooth and creamy oak tobacco on inhale and is topped off by a delicious gust of ice menthol on exhale. Tobacco lovers, give this one a try, you won’t be disappointed.


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3 – Bubblegum Grenade

Riot Squad Bubblegum Punk Grenade 50ml Shortfill

Next up, we have Bubblegum Grenade, which is part of Riot Squad’s Punk Grenade range. Bubblegum Grenade features a vibrant combination of sweet candy notes and sharp fruit. The delectable taste of sticky bubblegum hits straight from the off and is topped off by irresistible undertones of strawberry and banana. On exhale, tangy lemonade completes this flavour and adds to its bubbly aura.


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2 – Signature Orange


Riot Squad Signature Orange 50ml Shortfill

Signature Orange is a smooth and persuasive flavour that makes up one-quarter of the Black Edition range. This delightful citrusy mayhem features the taste of ripe tangerine orange topped off by sweet British jelly undertones. Signature Orange is a charming, unique tasting flavour that is sure to leave you feeling totally satisfied. The contrasting elements of tangerine and jelly seem to compliment each other and work in perfect cohesion within this e-liquid.

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1 – Cherry Fizzle

There could only ever be one flavour that topped our list and it was always going to be Cherry Fizzle. This outstanding e-liquid features deep cherry waves topped off by fizzy sherbet undertones. The best way to describe the taste of Cherry Fizzle would be to compare it to fizzy cherry sweets. When you first inhale this outrageously flavoursome e-liquid, your taste-buds are greeted by an explosion of vibrant cherries, before sweet and sour notes fight for dominance.

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