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Top Vape Salt - A Stunning Nicotine Salts Range By IVG


Top Vape Salt is a range of brand new nicotine salts that have just been launched by none other than IVG E-Liquids. If you’re unfamiliar with IVG, they are a British based e-liquid manufacturer who are one of the most recognisable names in the vaping industry. Despite being a relatively young company, IVG have continued to rise to prominence since their establishment in 2016. They are now sold in over 100 countries across the world.


IVG already boast a range of nicotine salts under their own brand name. However, they have decided to expand their already impressive arsenal of flavours with the Top Vape Salt range. This array of e-liquid features five simple yet effective flavours each with their own distinct taste.


Blue Crystal is one to try for people who enjoy fruity, menthol flavours. This stunning blend features deliciously decadent raspberries and blueberries topped off with divine candy undertones. If you like refreshing e-liquid then Blue Crystal is one for you to try. The taste of this flavour is incredibly refreshing, Blue Crystal is the definition of an all-day-vape.


Next up and moving away from the sweet flavours, we have Golden Tobacco, which is an incredibly soothing tobacco based flavour. IVG are known mainly for their sweet, candy based flavours but Golden Tobacco proves the fact that they are more than capable of producing a persuasive tobacco flavour. This flavour features the rich taste of premium tobacco with rich, creamy undertones.


Pink Mist is more like a traditional IVG flavour; it is sweet yet subtle. Pink Mist features a blend of freshly picked strawberries topped off with a syrupy candy floss to make a truly decadent vape. This flavour is truly revitalising and is a must try for those of you who enjoy sugary e-liquid. If you have a sweet tooth, then look no further than Pink Mist.


The fourth instalment in this range is Red Aniseed, which as you can probably guess by the name is an awesome aniseed based e-liquid. This invigorating flavour features a blend of eucalyptus, sharp aniseed and sweet summer berries. The ripe berries compliment the aniseed taste perfectly and a subtle hint of menthol tops off this flavour to make it a truly uplifting flavour.


Last and certainly not least, we have Super Ice Menthol. No range of e-liquid would be complete without a stunning menthol vape. Unleash a frosty frenzy of ice cold fury on your taste buds with this sensational sub-zero flavour. Super Ice Menthol is a perfect demonstration of how a menthol flavour should taste; not too overpowering yet still offers that sharp throat kick.


So there you have a full run down of the five new flavours available within the Top Vape Salt range. IVG have nailed this range and have produced a catalogue of simple yet effective flavours. All five flavours are available for just £3.99 each in a 10ml bottle. You can also mix and match flavours as part of our 3 for £10 offer, which includes other nic salt brands such as Element, IVG’s original collection, Double Drip and Riot Squad.


Nicotine salts are a great way to increase your nicotine strength without the harsh throat hit of regular e-liquid. Below, you can find the five flavours within this range.

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