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Choosing my ideal E-Cigarette?

You will find a large variety of e-cigarettes at Go-Liquid, in all shapes, colours and sizes. From beginner’s starter kits, variable voltage batteries, box style advanced mods and many more that fall in between. Users will often ask the question “what is the best e-cig to buy?”, the answer to which can be different dependant on the users aims, needs and wants. To find your ideal e-cigarette we suggest talking to one of our  product advisors using our live chat, email or telephone. We can help you to discover which product(s) suits you best. 

Using my E-Cigarette

Once you receive your e-cigarette product(s), you will receive instructions on how to use them, we recommend reading through these, even if you have used similar products before, as different e-cigarettes can have slightly different functions or features. To ensure you get the best performance from your e-cigarette, you need to ensure that they are used correctly. This is where we can help even further. Our after sales support is second to none, we are here to provide you with on-going help and advice on how to use and maintain your e-cigarette.



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