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Vaporesso GTX GO40


When it comes to vaping manufacturers, Vaporesso are at the pinnacle of their industry. Known for producing consistently high-quality devices, using military grade materials, Vaporesso have propelled themselves to the top of the vaping world since they were first formed in 2015.


Vaporesso are known best for their bold and innovative products and are committed to delivering the ultimate vaping experience. Designed with user satisfaction and reliability in mind, Vaporesso are constantly evolving as a brand, releasing new products year upon year. Their most recently released device ‘The Vaporesso GTX Go 40’, is a fantastic device that is available for a budget price.


This refreshingly unique pen style device is the dream for on the go vaping and is designed solely with user satisfaction in mind. Featuring a magnificent top-filling system, this wonderful piece of kit fits perfectly in the palm in your hand. The best selling point of this device is without a shadow of a doubt its simplicity. With only one button, The GTX Go 40 features a simple fire and inhale system for a truly effortless vaping experience.


Supporting the entire selection of Vaporesso GTX coils, this fantastic device is sure to provide you dense clouds and fabulous flavour. With adjustable air-flow and a built in 3000mAh battery that will provide unmatchable endurance for on the go vaping, the GTX Go 40 is the perfect device for hassle free vaping.


Not only is the Vaporesso GTX Go 40 wonderful in regards to its ability, endurance and performance, but it is also a slick, stylish and modern looking kit that lives up to Vaporesso’s reputation of crafting beautiful looking e-cigs. This slim and elegant pen device is available in three different colours: Black, Gunmetal & Rainbow.


If you happen to be looking for a new vaping device with convenience in mind, then the GTX Go 40 is the perfect option for you. When you consider the specs of this device, paired with the fact that it is produced by one of the world’s leading vaping brands, it becomes hard to picture how it’s available for just £15.95! Scroll down to the ‘Related Products’ section of this page to purchase the Vaporesso GTX Go 40 now.

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