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IVG Bars - 6 Additional Flavours


As a follow up to our original blog on the IVG Bars in July, 6 exciting new flavours have since been added and here we have a description on them.

Fuji Apple Melon:

This flavour is quite unique as you can certainly taste the difference between a fuji and green apple, which is the balanced with the taste of melon and finished off with a slight touch of ice, making this a really refreshing taste.

Strawberry Raspberry Pink Apple:

As soon as we saw this flavour, we were instantly thinking this is going to be a mish mash of nothing. Too many flavours can just get lost in the overall taste, wow, how wrong could we have been. You can taste each flavour and not only that, but they also blend really well creating a well-balanced flavour with a touch of ice. A must try and certainly an all day vape contender.

Raspberry Orange Mix:

A strong flavour of orange, then comes the sweetness of the Raspberry. You can certainly taste more of the Orange than of the Raspberry although they do complement each other well to produce a flavoursome vape, there is no ice in this flavour.

Energy Ice:

At last, an energy flavour that actually tastes like an energy drink. Such an accurate flavour and topped off with an aftertaste of Ice. Perfect.

Peach Rings:

Peach rings is just simply delicious, very juicy and refreshing, especially with the touch of ice. Not too sweet, more of a natural peach flavour.

Raspberry Lemonade:

With this flavour we found quite a unique aftertaste giving that it’s called Raspberry Lemonade, you get a good fresh raspberry flavour with an undertone of lemonade on the inhale, but on the exhale we found a pleasantly nice bubble gum mixed with ice, creating an excellent taste.

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