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Twelve Monkeys are one of the world’s most popular vaping brands and have been since they were first established back in 2014. Known for their typically fruity flavours, Twelve Monkeys have won countless awards for their mouth-watering ranges of e-liquid, including the ‘Best International Brand of 2017” at the Ecigclick Vape Awards. It’s fair to say that Twelve Monkeys are perfectionists when it comes to their e-liquid. Each of their flavour undergoes strict lab testing and are crafted meticulously until the perfect taste is achieved.


Within Twelve Monkeys’ Monkey Mix shortfill range, you can find a superb selection of flavours that are designed specifically for sub-ohm devices. Flavours within the Monkey Mix range come at a blend of 70% VG. Each shortfill is fashioned to provide you with dense clouds and exceptional taste for a delightful vaping experience.


One of our favourite flavours in the Twelve Monkeys Monkey Mix range is Hakuna, which has long been one of the Canadian company’s most popular blends. Hakuna features a sumptuous blend of juicy apples and ripe cranberries and is simple yet deliciously effective flavour. This wonderfully crafted flavour is a wonderful demonstration that sometimes, simplicity is the best option.


Another one of the standout flavours in the Monkey Mix range is Harambae, which is a superb mix of citrus and tropical fruits. Harambae is a wonderful five fruit blend that perfectly combines the taste of grapefruits, blood oranges, zesty lemons, zingy limes and tropical guava into a single bottle. This incredible, layered vape is the perfect showcase of Twelve Monkeys’ ability to create a fantastic complex flavour.


Kanzi is one for all of the candy loving vapers out there. Featuring a fusion of strawberry, watermelon and kiwi, Kanzi is topped off by unmissable undertones of sweet and sticky candy. This mouth-watering concoction is a must try for anyone who enjoys the taste of tropical candy flavours. Kanzi is sure to provide you the taste of the tropics no matter where you may be!


The Twelve Monkeys Monkey Mix range features a superb selection of flavours that are sure to satisfy sweet-toothed sub-ohm vapers. Twelve Monkeys are a reputable company who provide consistently high quality. Their shortfills are available as part of our 3 For £35 mix and match shortfill offer, which includes all of our premium brands such as Element, IVG and Riot Squad.

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