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The Element Emulsions range features a collection of Element’s most popular flavours blended into a single bottle. Element are one of our best-selling brands and have long been a mammoth of the vaping world. The Emulsions range includes some wacky, quirky flavours that feature natural flavourings. If complex blends are your thing, then the Emulsions range contains a number of flavours that you may be interested in.


Fresh Squeeze Crema is a flavour that epitomises the optimism and boldness of this range. Featuring two of Element’s most popular flavours of all time, Fresh Squeeze Crema kicks things off with the sweet and tangy taste of freshly pressed orange juice. As you begin to exhale, the decadent dessert flavour ‘Crema’ begins to take over. Crema features the taste of eclairs, cake roles, tiramisu and sweet cream. All in all, this flavour is a truly unique tasting blend and is one of the standout flavours available in the Element Emulsions range. According to Element themselves, Fresh Squeeze Crema is “a rendezvous of invigorating Fresh Squeeze and rich velvety Crema”. We have to say, we completely agree with them; this flavour is a wonderfully creative blend of two iconic flavours.


Green Apple & Kiwi Redberry is one to savour for lovers of fruity flavours. Featuring the classic taste of Element’s Green Apple on inhale, the taste of crisp and juicy green apple slices kicks things off. As you begin to exhale, the taste of ripe red berries and zesty kiwi completes this delicious flavour. Green Apple & Kiwi Redberry is one of Element’s fruitiest flavours of all time and is a beautifully balanced blend.


If decadent dessert flavours are your thing, then you really ought to look no further than Strawberry Whip & Banana Nut, which is a truly phenomenal blend of two of Element’s most popular desserts. Strawberry Whip features the taste of luscious berries topped off with delicious shortcake and makes up half of this flavour. Banana Nut makes up the other half and offers the taste of rich, freshly baked banana bread infused with delicious caramel. All in all, Strawberry Whip & Banana Nut is a sensational dessert blend that is sure to leave you feeling totally satisfied.


Pink Lemonade & Pink Grapefruit is a flavour that is designed with sweet toothed vapers in mind. This tantalising combination of Element’s Pink Lemonade and their Pink Grapefruit flavour is a zesty lemonade delight with a fruity twist. When first inhaling, the taste of delicious Sicilian lemonade is evident, before a punch of ripe grapefruit takes over on exhale. This flavour is a truly delicious option for lovers of lemonade e-liquid.


Element’s Emulsions range is a superb option for vapers who are looking to try something new. If you happen to be a fan of Element’s Dripper range and you’re looking to freshen things up with a new flavour, the Emulsions range features some great options for you.

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