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Element E-Liquid’s Tonix range features three mouth-watering flavours that are designed to bring you the old school taste of nostalgia. Each flavour within the Element Tonix range comes as a 50ml shortfill at 73% VG. This specially chosen ratio is designed to provide vapers with a unique vaping experience, by providing both dense clouds and unmatchable flavour.


The Tonix range features a selection of three delicious flavours, each with their own distinct taste. The first 50ml shortfill flavour available in Element’s Tonix range is American Apple Pie, which as stated by the name features the unmissable taste of classic apple pie. Element’s American Apple Pie perfectly combines the taste of sweet cinnamon with delicious, crisp apples. Decadent notes of flaky pie crust form the base of this flavour, making American Apple Pie a truly magnificent e-liquid. Element’s American Apple Pie is an e-liquid rich in both flavour and heritage and is sure to provide you with an unforgettable vaping experience.


Cherry Almond is another truly magnificent flavour that features subtle yet sweet dessert undertones. Bright and lively cherries kick things off when vaping this flavour and are paired with the enchanting taste of roasted almonds. This delicate flavour is a prime example of Element’s ability to create a simple yet delicious blend. Soft creamy notes top things off on exhale and take Cherry Almond to the next level.


The third and final Element Tonix shortfill that you can find here at Go-Liquid is Peppermint Sweets, which is undoubtedly the best peppermint flavoured vape that you’ll get your hands on. This flavour will unlock the taste of nostalgia and tastes just like traditional peppermint sweets. If you like mouth-watering mint flavours with a sweet twang on exhale, then this flavour is simply a must try for you.


Element have delivered once again with this superb selection of shortfills that are designed to leave you feeling totally satisfied.

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