Flavour Creation

This Month's flavour creation survery received some great and interesting suggestions, ranging from Steak and Ale Pie to Marmite flavour.
All of these requests have been logged and may appear in the future.

We would like to announce that this months winner was suggested by Daniel Rogers which was "Blue Ice" (Blueberry Ice Menthol).
The chosen flavour will be going on Sale very shortly, perhaps even today! We have even gone one step further and will be introducing Blackcurrent Menthol and Raspberry Menthol also!

We would like thank all those who have made suggestions, and hope that users cotinue to do so and we will continue creating them!

Congratulations to Daniel, and a complimentary bottle will be on its way to you shortly!


Kind Regards,

Go-Liquid Team 

18th November 2014 

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