1. Nicohit Yankee and Uncle's Vape Co

    Nicohit Yankee and Uncle's Vape Co

    Whether you are looking for a value e-liquid or an affordable premium juice experience, Nicohit has a brand that delivers.

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  2. Cosmic Fog | A Household Name

    Cosmic Fog | A Household Name

    Born in the heart of orange county California, Cosmic Fog have spent a number of years delivering exceptional quality E-Liquids to the vaping community. Despite their location, Cosmic Fog have become a household name in the E-Liquid market throughout the world, through their fantastic flavours. 

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  3. Element E-Liquid Banana Nut

    Element E-Liquid Banana Nut

    Vaping Element E-Liquid Banana Nut is akin to watching a film at the IMAX; it’s a richer, more rewarding experience. The rich, dense vape envelops your tongue with the taste of ripe bananas, sweet caramel and a hint of nuts.

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