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5 Must Try Flavours in Element E-Liquid's FAR Range


The FAR Range is a collection of E-Liquid produced by Element which features an array of flavours dedicated to the great tastes of America. The FAR range features a collection of iconic flavours such as Grape Vape and Neon Green Slushie. However, a variety of the flavours available in this range seem to be criminally underrated. Today, we shall be looking at a variety of the most underappreciated flavours in the FAR range.


Strawberry Cupcake –


Kicking off our list, we have a decadent cake flavoured vape that is sure to make your taste-buds tingle. Strawberry Cupcake is without a doubt one of the best flavours in this range and features creamy, fluffy undertones topped off with the sweet taste of freshly picked summer strawberries.


Strawberry Cupcake features the taste of a soft and fluffy vanilla cupcake with a pink velvet strawberry icing. If you happen to be a fan of rich dessert flavoured e-liquid then Strawberry Cupcake is without a doubt one that you need to try.


Marshmallow Breeze –


Marshmallow Breeze is the next flavour in our list and features the delicious taste of gooey marshmallows accompanied by a refreshing mint. This unique blend demonstrates Element’s creative flair perfectly.


It goes without saying that Marshmallow Breeze is a totally distinctive flavour. On inhale, your palate is greeted by the smooth and sugary taste of freshly toasted marshmallows. As you begin to exhale, a whisper of refreshing mint is evident, making Marshmallow Breeze a refreshing and indulgent flavour.


Pineapple Bliss –


Next up on our list, we have Pineapple Bliss which happens to be a mouth-watering tropical flavoured vape. Pineapple Bliss features a splendid fusion of ripe and tangy pineapples, sweet summer berries and nectarous mangoes. It’s fair to say that Pineapple Bliss is the sweetest tasting e-liquid in the FAR range. It’s certainly one to try if you happen to have a sweet tooth!


Pineapple Bliss will tantalise your taste-buds due to its sheer sweetness. If you could encapsulate the taste of summer in an e-liquid, it would probably taste something like Pineapple Bliss.


Candy Punch –


Candy Punch is another sweet, sugary delight and features the iconic taste of American Hard Candy. This juicy delight will shower your palate with marvellous flavour. Candy Punch is without a doubt one of Element’s best candy flavours of all time and features a bold burst of rainbow candy which is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. This juicy delight is definitely a flavour to consider.


Melon Ball –


Next up, we have a ridiculously sour yet succulent flavour. Melon Ball features the taste of juicy slices of melon with luscious tart undertones. Element have again managed to create another unique tasting e-liquid that is sure to satisfy any vaper. Melon Ball is without a doubt one of the best tasting melon flavoured e-liquids on the market.


You can find all five flavours live on our site now. Each flavour is available as a 50ml shortfill for just £13.99 each or as part of our mix and match 3 For £35 deal. The FAR range is also available as 10ml e-liquids for just £3.99 each or as part of our 4 For £12 offer. To view each flavour, scroll down to the ‘Related Products’ section of this post.

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