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Element NS Salts


Although Element E-Liquids are based in sunny South Florida, you’ll find their vape flavours all over the world. Element provide their customers with consistently quality juice and offer a broad range of unique flavours. You may recognise Element from their distinct periodic table style packaging. If that’s the case and you’re still yet to try their flavours, then we suggest you do something about it.


Element have undeniably been a frontrunner in the e-liquid market for a number of years now and this is still the case in 2019. Element’s NS20 range is a nicotine salt based variety of flavours, that provide vapers with the ability to incorporate a higher nicotine concentration in their e-cig without the harsh throat hit.


Watermelon Chill is a fresh and clean blend of fruit with an ice cool kick. The tangy watermelon kick is evident when inhaling this flavour and is accompanied by a crisp, minty after taste. Watermelon Chill is an stellar example of Element’s ability to curate a perfect blend of flavour within their e-liquid.


Neon Green Slushie offers a citrus blend of flavour with a frosty bite. A zesty lime flavour squeezes your taste buds from the start and is accompanied by the refreshing coolness of crushed ice when exhaling. It is evident that Element wanted to retain as much flavour as possible when creating this e-liquid; Neon Green Slushie is certainly one to try.


Third and finally is Fresh Squeeze; an incredibly refreshing e-liquid. A ripe-tasting orange flavour is present throughout and soothes your sweet tooth like a glass of freshly pressed juice whilst remaining a smooth and balanced vape.


Element’s NS Salt range is a clear demonstration of how to create a range of great tasting e-liquid that won’t kill your coil after the first fill of your tank. At 65% VG, these e-liquids are ideal for any e-cig and provide a great vaping experience.

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