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Flavour of the Week - Jet Fresh by Eliquid France


Our Flavour of the Week this week is an incredibly unique e-liquid produced by none other than ELiquid France. ELiquid France are based in the Nieul Sur Mer region of Western France and are one of the most popular European manufacturers of e-liquid. Known for their complex flavours, they are regarded as masters of blending various elements in to one bottle in order to create unique tasting e-liquid.


ELiquid France boast a variety of different ranges of e-liquid each with their own distinct theme. The flavour we are going to be focusing on today is known as ‘Jet Fresh’ and is part of their Premium Range. Jet Fresh features a sensational array of flavours blended in to one bottle and is incredibly satisfying and a testimony to ELiquid France’s ability to curate unique flavours.


Jet Fresh features a captivating blend of Green Lemon, Caramel, Liquorice, Anise, Fresh Mint and Pear. That’s right, it features six different elements that could each stand alone as an e-liquid flavour themselves. ELiquid France have carefully carved an e-liquid with hints of each in order to create a truly sensational, unique tasting e-liquid.


Green Lemon and Pear greet your taste buds on inhale, providing you with a refreshingly fruity kick and are accompanied by decadent undertones of caramel, liquorice and anise. The flavour is then topped off by a cool fresh mint breeze on exhale. This flavour is truly satisfying and is like no other that you will have ever tasted before in the UK.


If you’re a fan of complex flavours then look no further than Jet Fresh. It is a testimony to ELiquid France’s ability as an e-liquid manufacturer. You can find Jet Fresh in both 10ml and 50ml bottles live on our site now. There’s a reason why Jet Fresh is our Flavour of the Week; because it’s truly sensational.


To view Jet Fresh as a 10ml CLICK HERE

To view Jet Fresh as a 50ml shortfill CLICK HERE

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