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Flavour of the Week Zen by Element


Element E-Liquid are a household name across the globe within the vaping market. Hailing from sunny South Florida, Element are regarded as one of the best e-liquid companies in the world and are known for their iconic packaging which pays homage to the periodic table. Using only natural flavourings, Element seem to have been around forever and if you’ve tasted any of their juice it should come to no surprise to you as why.


This week our ‘Flavour Of The Week’ is a classic from Element’s original range known as ‘Zen’. The meaning of the word Zen derives from Japanese and translates directly to mean ‘meditation’. In English, it is associated with a feeling of peacefulness, which is exactly what this e-liquid provides.


Zen features an exotic, stress relieving fusion of lychee, guava and sweet peach with a tempting passionflower undertone. This refreshing blend of tropical fruit is sure to leave you content and relaxed. Zen is incredibly fruity and will leave you totally satisfied.


We recommend trying Zen if you’re a fan of exotic flavours. This is one of Element’s flavours in their original range, however it doesn’t seem to get as much credit as it deserves. Element are known for their classic flavours such as Fresh Squeeze, Watermelon Chill, 555 Tobacco and Strawberry Whip. Zen never seems to get the credit it deserves, which comes as a surprise to me after tasting its delicious flavour.


Zen is available in our store as part of Element’s Dripper Range in a 50ml shortfill with a VG percentage of 80%. Zen is also available as part of the Element Original Range in a 10ml 50/50 VG/PG bottle. Head over to our site to check out Zen now, amongst a huge range of other Element flavours. We currently have 30 of Element’s original flavours available in 10ml bottles. CLICK HERE to view our range.

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