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The 5 Best IVG E-Liquid Shortfill Flavours


IVG are a British E-Liquid company who have risen to the top of the vaping industry since they were first founded in 2016. The Lancashire based company are known best for producing fruity, delicious e-liquid that is bursting with flavour. You can find IVG’s e-liquid in over 100 countries across 6 different continents. The fact that IVG have gained such a strong position within less than 4 years is a demonstration of just how wonderful their e-liquid is.


Today, we are going to be showcasing 5 of the best IVG shortfill flavours currently available on our website. IVG shortfills come at 70% VG, making them perfect for sub-ohm vaping devices. Their e-liquid is packed with flavour and is sure to produce dense clouds of vapour. Of course, this list is subjective, but as someone who’s been lucky enough to try nearly all of their flavours, I’ll do my best to give an honest judgement!


5 – Summer Blaze


Perhaps IVG’s most iconic e-liquid of all time, Summer Blaze features an irresistible blend of Sicilian Lemonade topped off with delicious summer berries. Summer Blaze is without a doubt one of the best tasting lemonade e-liquids on the market and if you’ve been lucky enough to taste it, you’ll understand just why it’s one of IVG’s best sellers.


Sweet orchard fruits including blueberries, cherries and blackberries are lightly sweetened with the soothing taste of fresh lemonade. Summer Blaze is certainly one to try if you’re looking to beat the heat.

Click here to purchase Summer Blaze as a 50ml shortfill.


4 – Cookie Dough


Although IVG are known best for their fruit flavoured vapes, Cookie Dough is a demonstration that they have the ability to produce the perfect dessert flavour. This decadent delight is sure to swoon your taste-buds and features soft and silky characteristics.


On inhale, the unmissable taste of sugary cookie forms the base of the e-liquid and is accentuated by charming undertones of silky-smooth vanilla. Cookie Dough is the ultimate dessert flavoured vape and is a must try for all of the pudding lovers out there.

Click here to purchase Cookie Dough as a 50ml shortfill.


3 – Purple Slush


Purple Slush is a more characteristic IVG flavour. This icy delight is bursting with sub-zero flavour and features a blend of candy and sweet fruit. Purple Slush utilises black grape as its base flavour and is topped off by a hint of lime and bubblegum. On exhale, a blast of ice takes over, making Purple Slush totally satisfying.


Purple Slush is the perfect demonstration of IVG’s ability to produce a tasty, iced fruit flavour and is without a doubt one of their most underrated flavours of all time. For whatever reason it may be, Purple Slush doesn’t seem to get the recognition that it deserves.

Click here to purchase Purple Slush as a 50ml shortfill.


2 – Riberry Lemonade


It may seem over the top to include another lemonade flavour in our list, but just like Summer Blaze, Riberry Lemonade is simply too wonderful to leave out! The best way to describe this delicious flavour would be to compare it to the classic taste of Ribena or Vimto.


Riberry Lemonade features the taste of wild berries paired with lemonade and is a truly satisfying flavour. This e-liquid is the definition of an all-day-vape and is truly sensational. IVG have nailed the unforgettable taste of lemonade and have managed to take it to the next level with the addition of wild summer berries.

Click here to purchase Riberry Lemonade as a 50ml shortfill.


1 – Bubblegum Millions


Could there ever be another winner? Probably not. Bubblegum Millions is everything that you desire in the form of an e-liquid. This delicious flavour features the distinctive taste of bubblegum topped off with slight blueberry candy notes. Bubblegum Millions is without a doubt one of the most vibrant e-liquid flavours you’ll find on the market.


This sugary delight is sure to tantalise your taste-buds due to its sheer sweetness. Bubblegum Millions is one of IVG’s most popular flavours and is undoubtedly the flavour I’d choose if I was only able to vape one of their e-liquids for the rest of my life! There’s something magical about this enchanting flavour. Words don’t do justice for Bubblegum Millions, it’s simply one that you need to taste for yourself.

Click here to purchase Bubblegum Millions as a 50ml shortfill.


You can purchase all 5 of the mentioned shortfills for £13.99 each or as part of our mix and match 3 For £35 offer, which includes all of our premium brands, such as Element and Riot Squad. We also have a variety of IVG flavours available in 10ml bottles at 50/50 VG & PG, which will better suit you if you have a smaller, less powerful device.

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