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The VooPoo Vinci R Mod Pod


Since their founding in 2014, VooPoo have risen to prominence in the e-cigarette market for their innovative and consistently exceptional products. VooPoo craft high quality products with outstanding technological qualities and sleek designs, with the Vinci R Mod Pod being no exception.


The VooPoo Vinci R Mod Pod reaps the benefits of a traditional mod, providing big clouds, adjustable power settings and outstanding battery life, despite easily fitting in your back pocket. With an intelligent Gene AI chip, the Vinci R Mod Pod is tailored specifically to be incredibly user friendly, making it effortless to use. The Gene AI chip intelligently prevents the coil from burning out unintentionally and includes a three stage voltage regulation making it perfect for your preferred strength.


Featuring an innovative dual airflow system, the VooPoo Vinci R Mod Pod is compatible with all PnP coils whether they be ceramic or mesh based. In regards to battery life, the Vinci R Mod Pod holds it own amongst its competitors. An inbuilt 1500mah lithium battery provides staggering battery life to this piece of kit; not to mention the fact that it only takes an hour and a half to charge to its full capacity. Tri-colour LED sparks provide the user with an indication of how well charged the battery is.


That’s enough for the technical stuff. Perhaps the main selling point for the Vinci R Mod Pod is its ability to consistently deliver great flavour. VooPoo have designed an elegant yet powerful e-cigarette with an intelligent interface, making the Vinci R Mod Pod a great option for anyone considering purchasing a new piece of kit. The Vinci R Mod Pod is available in 9 different variations of exterior design; every aspect of this piece of kit is gorgeous.


We are now stocking the Vinci R Mod Pod online, why not have a look in greater detail to see if you fancy one yourself?

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