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3 Riot Squad Flavours That Every Vaper Needs To Try


Riot Squad are without a doubt one of the world’s leading vaping brands. The British based brand may only have been around since 2016, but that hasn’t stopped them from propelling themselves to the pinnacle of the vaping world. Riot Squad take an unorthodox approach to vaping and brand themselves off their bold packaging and mission statement in which they state that their goal is to ‘secure mass disruption’ of the vaping industry.


Today, we are going to be looking at three flavours available in the Riot Squad shortfill range that every vaper needs to try. These three flavours are staples to the brand’s success and are without a doubt some of their greatest e-liquids. So, without further ado, let’s get in to it.


Pink Grenade – When it comes to Riot Squad’s most iconic flavours, Pink Grenade just couldn’t be left out. This flavour was such as hit, Riot Squad decided to dedicate a full range of shortfills on its behalf! (Punk Grenade Range). Pink Grenade features a combination of sweet and sour tastes for a summery vibe. On inhale, delicate strawberry notes are evident and are topped off by a zingy citrus exhale.


Blue Burst – Blue Burst is another iconic Riot Squad flavour and features the taste of blue raspberry slushie. This subzero flavour is the ultimate blue raspberry flavour and is sure to shatter your senses due to its sheer delightfulness! When inhaling Blue Burst, your taste-buds are greeted by the tongue-twisting taste of sour blue raspberry, before an icy blast of refreshing menthol cools things down on exhale.


Cherry Fizzle – Finally, we have Cherry Fizzle, which really is one of the best cherry flavoured e-liquids available on the market. Cherry Fizzle takes the classic cherry taste to another level with fizzy candy-like undertones. When vaping Cherry Fizzle, fighting notes of sweet and sour battle for dominance. This flavour is truly mouth-watering and is a perfect demonstration of Riot Squad’s ability to create the perfect fizzy e-liquid.


You can purchase all three flavours as 50ml shortfills or as 10ml nicotine salts e-liquids. All three flavours are available as part of our 3 For £35 shortfill offer or our 3 For £10 nic salts offer. Scroll down to the ‘Related Products’ section of this page to view each flavour in our store, or click the header for each flavour within the blog to be redirected to its page.

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