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5 Fruity Menthol Flavours That Every Vaper Needs To Try!


Here at Go-Liquid, we have a huge variety of menthol and ice flavoured e-liquid. Menthol flavours have always been incredibly popular within the UK and there is an abundance of them available on the market nowadays. We’ve compiled a list of our five favourite fruity menthol flavours available in 2020. In no particular order, here goes:


Sun Tan Mango – Dinner Lady


Dinner Lady are a household name not only in the UK but across the world. The Lancashire based company are without a doubt one of the most popular e-liquid brands on the planet and are best known for their iconic Lemon Tart flavour.


Sun Tan Mango is undoubtedly one of the best tasting mango flavours available in 2020. On inhale, your taste-buds are tickled by an irresistible fresh mango taste, which is then washed down by an icy koolada flavour on exhale. Dinner Lady have nailed the classic mango taste with this e-liquid to deliver the taste of summer to your palate no matter what the weather!


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Apple Cola – Eliquid France


ELiquid France are known best for creating complex flavours which often include a variety of different elements. Based in the Nieul-Sur-Mer region of South Western France, ELiquid France are considered to be masters of producing intricate and delicate flavours.


Apple Cola is part of their Fruizee range, which features a collection of fruity flavours with an added dash of mint on exhale. Apple Cola boasts the taste of sweet cola topped off by undertones of fresh, crisp apple. On exhale, a blast of koolada soothes your taste-buds making this flavour ridiculously refreshing. Apple Cola is a unique flavour and is certainly one to try for all the cola lovers out there.


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Watermelon Chill – Element E-Liquid


It’s fair to say that Element E-Liquid are a gargantuan brand within the vaping industry. The Florida based vaping company are without a doubt one of the world’s premium e-liquid manufacturers. Their flavours often feature simple yet effective blends and Watermelon Chill is a testimony to that.


Watermelon Chill is part of Element’s incredibly successful traditional range and is the ultimate minty flavour. This mouth-watering concoction of juicy watermelon and refreshing mint is the perfect remedy to beat the heat! On inhale, you are greeted by the timeless taste of succulent watermelon, before a dash of fresh mint takes over on exhale. If you haven’t tried this exemplary flavour yet, what are you waiting for?


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Menthol Lemon Cucumber – Riot Squad


Riot Squad certainly need no introduction. Despite only being established in 2016, the British brand have catapulted themselves to the pinnacle of the vaping industry due to their mouth-watering e-liquid.


Menthol Lemon Cucumber is part of their brand new ‘100% Menthol’ Range, which boasts five incredibly smooth icy flavours. Menthol Lemon Cucumber features the taste of icy mint topped off by the refreshing taste of cool cucumber and zesty lemon. This unique and subtle flavour is certainly one to try out.


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Blackberg – IVG


IVG are undoubtedly best known for creating delicious fruity flavours. The British brand have achieved massive success in recent years with help from their stunning e-liquid. You can now find their e-liquid in over 100 countries across the globe, which speaks volume for a company who were only founded in 2016.


Blackberg is a one of a kind menthol e-liquid that is bursting with irresistible flavour. On inhale, juicy blueberries and rich blackcurrants wrestle for dominance before being topped off by a blast of menthol on exhale that is sure to soothe your palate. Blackberg is a fruity fantasy that tastes even better with an added sub-zero gust of menthol.


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