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5 Fruity Nic Salts For Sweet Toothed Vapers To Try


Nic Salts are a variation of e-liquid that replace traditional freebase nicotine with nicotine salts in order to offer you a smoother throat hit. The main advantage of nic salts is that they allow you to vape at a higher strength of nicotine without it hurting your throat. Nic Salts are perfect for people who are looking to quit smoking as they can deliver a higher nicotine strength then previously possible.


Just like all e-liquid, there is an abundance of nic salts available to purchase in the UK. Today, we are going to be focusing on 5 of our favourite fruity nic salts that you can find on our site. We’ve carefully handpicked a selection of flavours that all of the sweet-toothed vapers out there will adore.


Berry Medley – IVG


Kicking off our list, we have IVG’s Berry Medley, which features a sweet and succulent combination of dark blackcurrants and sweet raspberries. Berry Medley is a demonstration of IVG’s ability to create the perfect fruity concoction. Topped off by the slight taste of apple juice on exhale, Berry Medley is the ultimate refreshing vape.


To purchase IVG’s Berry Medley as a 10ml Nic Salt CLICK HERE


Exotic Fruit Frenzy – Riot Squad


Riot Squad certainly need no introduction. The British brand boast a variety of delectable fruity nicotine salts as well as a hugely successful shortfill range. Exotic Fruit Frenzy is an irresistible blend of cantaloupe melon and vivid passion fruit. This bold e-liquid features a whirlwind of flavour and is sure to offer you the classic tropical taste of summer no matter the weather.


To purchase Riot Squad’s Exotic Fruit Frenzy as a 10ml Nic Salt CLICK HERE


Subzero Strawberry Guava – Element E-Liquid


Strawberry Guava is part of Element’s latest Subzero range, which features a collection of alluring iced fruit flavours. On inhale, the taste of succulent strawberries instantly grips your taste-buds before riveting undertones of guava take over. As you exhale, a blast of ice tops off this flavour making it a truly sensational e-liquid for iced fruit lovers.


To purchase Element’s Subzero Strawberry Guava as a 10ml Nic Salt CLICK HERE


Mango Raspberry Ice Cream – Double Drip Coil Sauce


Mango Raspberry Ice Cream is a sweet treat courtesy of Double Drip that is sure to swoon your taste-buds. This complex flavour bottles the taste of juicy raspberries, ripe mango and an abundance of smooth vanilla ice cream. Double Drip have managed to create a totally satisfying, decadent flavour that gets better with every puff. This flavour’s creamy base compliments the sweetness of the summer fruits making Mango Passion Ice Cream a shamelessly indulgent e-liquid.


To purchase Double Drip’s Mango Raspberry Ice Cream as a 10ml Nic Salt CLICK HERE


Watermelon Slices – Dinner Lady


Inspired by the classic Pick ‘n Mix sweets, Watermelon Slices is a tongue-twistingly sour e-liquid that boasts sweet, refreshing notes. On inhale, the taste of tangy watermelon is evident, before a burst of sour candy fights for dominance. Watermelon Slices is sure to leave your mouth-watering and is without a doubt one of IVG’s most impressive flavours. If you’re a lover of sour candy, be sure to give this one a try.


To purchase Dinner Lady’s Watermelon Slices as a 10ml Nic Salt CLICK HERE


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