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Flavour of the Week - Pomegranate by Element E-Liquid


Our latest Flavour of the Week is courtesy of one of our best-selling brands; Element E-Liquid. This week, we are focusing on one of their most underrated flavours known as ‘Pomegranate’.


Who are Element?


Element are one of the world’s leading vaping brands. Hailing from sunny Florida across the pond, Element have been around since 2014. Element are without a doubt one of the world’s most recognisable vaping brands due to their iconic packaging, which pays homage to the periodic table.


Through the use of natural flavourings, Element’s e-liquid boasts untouchable flavour and unique taste. Element’s most popular e-liquids tend to feature single fruit flavours and are often simple yet effective.


What makes Element’s Pomegranate so good?


Pomegranate offers a unique, delectable taste and is undoubtedly one of Element’s most underrated flavours. The pomegranate is a fruit bearing deciduous shrub which produces mouth-watering edible seeds. Element’s Pomegranate pays homage to the delicious fruit and features both sour and sharp notes that are sure to rock your taste-buds.


Element’s Pomegranate features a similar taste to sweet cherries mixed with juicy cranberries. Pomegranate also flaunts slight tart-like undertones, which top off the e-liquid’s flavour making it truly appetising.


Pomegranate is a one off e-liquid that tastes like no other on the market. This e-liquid perfectly encapsulates the blend between sweet and tart flavours. If you happen to be a fan of Element E-Liquid, we highly recommend giving Pomegranate a try, as it is a truly underrated flavour.


Where can I buy Element’s Pomegranate?


You can purchase Element’s Pomegranate by clicking here. Pomegranate is available as a 50ml shortfill or as a 10ml e-liquid. We have two variants of the 10ml e-liquid; one comes at 50% VG, making it perfect for smaller devices. If you vape with a sub-ohm device, we recommend that you try Pomegranate at 80% VG as it will provide you with more dense, flavour packed clouds.

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