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5 Mouth-Watering Iced Fruit Shortfill Flavours


Today, we are going to be looking at five of our favourite iced fruit flavoured e-liquids. Each flavour within this list can be found as a 50ml shortfill here at Go-Liquid. If fruity flavours with an icy kick on exhale are your thing, then this list should include a few options that would be perfect for you. So, without further ado, let’s kick off our list!


Purple Burst – Riot Squad

 Purple Burst - Riot Squad

Kicking off our list, we have Riot Squad’s latest flavour: Purple Burst. This truly scrumptious flavour takes inspiration from the classic taste of a slushie drink entwined with hints of juicy, freshly picked blackcurrants. Purple Burst is a truly magnificent flavour that is sure to satisfy sweet-toothed vapers due to its sheer sweetness. Riot Squad are best known for producing delicious tasting fruity flavours and Purple Burst certainly lives up to their already incredibly high standards.

To purchase Purple Burst as a 50ml Shortfill, click here.


Watermelon Slices Ice – Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady - Watermelon Slices Ice

Next up, we have a truly invigorating watermelon blend courtesy of Dinner Lady E-Liquid. Watermelon Slices Ice features the taste of delicious watermelon, entwined with mouth-watering candy undertones and a blast of refreshing ice on exhale. Watermelon Slices Ice is a truly magnificent flavour that perfectly plays between notes of sweet and sour. This tongue twisting concoction is both sweet and fresh tasting and is sure to leave your mouth watering.

To purchase Watermelon Slices Ice as a 50ml Shortfill, click here.


Vines – Element E-Liquid

 Vines - Element Quiet Owl

‘Vines’ is a luxurious blend that is sure to provide a super smooth blast of refreshing flavour. This delicious tasting grape flavoured vape features natural flavourings and is topped off on exhale by a pure blast of crisp menthol. Vines is one of Element’s most underrated flavours of all time and is sure to offer you a clean and smooth vaping experience. If grape based blends are your thing, then you really ought to look no further than this delicious vape.

To purchase Vines as a 50ml Shortfill, click here.


Neon Lime – IVG

Neon Lime - IVG Shortfill

When describing IVG’s Neon Lime, the first word that instantly springs to mind is ‘invigorating’. Neon Lime is truly delicious, this energising blend of zesty lemon and lime is topped off on exhale by a monstrous kick of spine chilling ice. Neon Lime is a simple yet effective flavour that has long been one of IVG’s most popular flavours. This beautifully constructed blend is the perfect summertime vape.

To purchase Neon Lime as a 50ml Shortfill, click here.


Tropical Fury – Riot Squad

Tropical Fury - Riot Squad 

Although we’ve already got a Riot Squad shortfill flavour in this list, Tropical Fury was just too good to leave out. There’s something incredibly special about this intricate flavour that makes it totally irresistible. Tropical Fury is both sweet and sour in equal measure. When you first inhale this sumptuous flavour, the taste of ripe pineapple is combined with sweet mango for a juicy aftertaste. On exhale, citric notes are paired with an icy kick to top off this incredible flavour.

To purchase Tropical Fury as a 50ml Shortfill, click here.

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