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Flavour of the Week - Lemon Sherbets by Dinner Lady


This week’s Flavour of the Week is a truly delicious fruity flavour that comes courtesy of Dinner Lady, who are one of the world’s leading vaping brands. Dinner Lady are a British based vaping company who are best known for producing some iconic fruit and dessert flavoured blends. Dinner Lady’s most iconic flavour of all time is undoubtedly Lemon Tart, which is a truly magnificent dessert blend that has long been one of Britain’s favourite flavours. Today however, our Flavour of the Week is another zesty lemon blend that goes by the name of Lemon Sherbets.


When it comes to making mouth-watering fruity flavours, nobody does it better than Dinner Lady. The British company have years of experience in the vaping market and specialise in crafting beautifully tasting fruit flavoured e-liquid that is designed to cater for sweet-toothed vapers. Lemon Sherbets is a candy blend that features a delicious citrus twang on exhale.


A sugary sherbet base first makes up the base of this sensational flavour and is complimented by a zingy lemon twang on exhale. Lemon Sherbets perfectly combines a zesty concoction of lemons with fizzy sherbet undertones for a truly special tasting vape flavour. This flavour perfectly replicates the taste of lemon sherbet sweets for a magnificently refreshing flavour that is sure to deliver the taste of your childhood.


Lemon Sherbets is an intricate flavour that seamlessly encapsulates both sweet and sour notes with a mouth-watering exhale. This flavour is incredibly smooth on the throat and is sure to offer you a beautifully balanced vaping experience. Lemon Sherbets is a testimony to the fact that Dinner Lady are masters of creating outstanding fruit flavoured e-liquids. Although Dinner Lady’s Lemon Tart is by far their most popular lemon flavour, Lemon Sherbets is certainly another flavour that all vapers need to try.


You can pick up Lemon Sherbets as either a 50ml shortfill e-liquid or as a 10ml e-liquid. To purchase Lemon Sherbets now, scroll down to the bottom of this page and see the ‘Related Products’ section.

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