Blackberry Crumble - Dinner Lady E-Liquid Review


It goes without saying that Dinner Lady are one of the world’s leading vaping brands. If you have an interest in vaping, then the chances are, you’ll have heard of the Lancashire based company. Dinner Lady are without a doubt one of the world’s most recognisable e-liquid manufacturers and you can find their products in over 100 countries worldwide.


Despite only being founded in 2016, Dinner Lady have propelled themselves to the pinnacle of the vaping market with help from their distinguishable packaging and delicious e-liquid. It’s fair to say that Dinner Lady’s flavours are often simplistic, however; they are effective. Dinner Lady’s most popular flavours tend to be single fruits rather than complex blends of intricate flavours.


Their most popular flavour is without a doubt Lemon Tart, which features a decadent blend of lemon and meringue with pastry like undertones. Today however, we are going to be concentrating on another mouth-watering Dinner Lady dessert flavour. The flavour that we are focusing our attention on is Blackberry Crumble.


Styled on the classic British dessert, Blackberry Crumble is a truly magnificent pudding flavoured vape. When you inhale this flavour, your taste-buds are greeted by ripe English bramble blackberries. These sweet, nectarous berries are packed with flavour and start things off perfectly.


As you exhale, the unforgettable taste of smooth crumble is sure to swoon your palate. Hints of butter and savoury notes top off Blackberry Crumble, making it a truly tantalising flavour. Blackberry Crumble is without a doubt one of the best dessert flavours available on the market. It’s reassuring to see blackberry getting the credit it deserves as it’s a lot less popular than some other berries when it comes to e-liquid.


Dessert lovers, look no further than this sumptuous flavour. It is certainly one of the best Dinner Lady flavours available on our site. If you’re yet to try Dinner Lady’s e-liquid, this flavour would be a great introduction to the brand.


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