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Flavour of the Week - Mr Spritz Pineapple


Welcome back to our Flavour of the Week review. This week, we have a delicious flavour courtesy of Ohm Boy, who are one of our newest brands. Ohm Boy are a creative e-liquid brand who consistently produce unique tasting, high quality e-liquid that is available to purchase on a budget.


This week’s flavour of the week goes by the name of Mr Spritz Pineapple and is part of Ohm Boy's Mr Spritz range, which features a selection of delicious lemonade based flavours. Mr Spritz Pineapple is our pick of the bunch and is a truly glorious summertime vape. This intricately crafted blend boasts beautiful taste and is sure to provide you with the juicy taste of mouth-watering lemonade.


When first inhaling Mr Spritz Pineapple, your taste-buds are greeted by the taste of freshly diced juicy pineapple slices. An invigorating splash of Sicilian lemonade then begins to take over and is topped off on exhale by a truly magnificent blast of cool, crushed ice. Words struggle to describe the true taste of Mr Spritz Pineapple; it’s truly a flavour that you need to experience for yourself to understand its true beauty.


The lemonade undertones of Mr Spritz Pineapple are complimented perfectly by the taste of juicy pineapple and each flavour works perfectly together in cohesion to teleport you to a tropical paradise no matter what the weather. The soothing blast of ice on exhale tops off this flavour and offers a new dimension to taste, for an impeccably balanced vape.


Mr Spritz Pineapple is a worthy winner of this week’s Flavour of the Week and the best part about it, is the fact that it’s available for just £8.99 as a 50ml shortfill. If you happen to be a fan of fruity flavours, this shortfill is a magnificent option for you. Mr Spritz Pineapple is a juicy and vibrant tropical concoction that is sure to satisfy all of you sweet-toothed vapers.


Click here to purchase our flavour of the week: Mr. Spritz Pineapple.

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