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Flavour of the Week - Neon Lime by IVG


Our Flavour of the Week this week is a zesty e-liquid produced by IVG. IVG are typically known for making fruity e-liquid and are regarded as one of the biggest e-liquid brands in the world. Now available in over 100 different countries across the globe, IVG are without a doubt one of the most recognisable brands in the vaping world.


Today’s flavour that we are going to be focusing on is an invigorating citrus blend known as ‘Neon Lime’. Neon Lime features a sweet combination of citrus fruits topped off with a refreshing hit of menthol.


Neon Lime is an IVG flavour that doesn’t seem to get much credit compared to some of IVG’s more popular flavours. Compared to cult favourites such as Summer Blaze and Blackcurrant Millions, Neon Lime is criminally underrated. IVG boast a huge collection of sweet e-liquid and its fair to say that fruity and sugary flavours are the brand’s staple taste. However, it is worth noting that IVG also have some delicious dessert and tobacco flavours too.


When you first taste IVG’s Neon Lime, your taste-buds are greeted by the revitalising taste of zesty limes and sour lemons. Each fruit is equally as prominent when tasting this ridiculously refreshing flavour. An added icy kick then takes over and tops off Neon Lime, making it a truly wonderful flavour.


Neon Lime features sharp and tangy taste characteristics and is without a doubt one of the nicest lime flavoured e-liquids on the market alongside Element’s Neon Green Slushie. Featuring slight sherbet undertones, Neon Lime is incredibly fizzy and sweet. This flavour is one that will satisfy even the sweetest of sweet-toothed vapers!


Although this flavour may be intense, it is truly one of IVG’s best e-liquids and should be considered by anyone looking to pick up a new fruity flavour! You can purchase IVG’s Neon Lime as a 10ml traditional e-liquid and as a 10ml nicotine salts e-liquid for £3.99 each. Neon Lime is also available as a 50ml shortfill for £13.99.


To view Neon Lime as a 10ml E-Liquid CLICK HERE.

To view Neon Lime as a 10ml Nic Salts CLICK HERE.

To view Neon Lime as a 50ml Shortfill CLICK HERE.

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