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IVG Crushed Range Review


IVG have returned once again with a brand new range of mouth-watering iced flavours. The IVG ‘Crushed’ range features a selection of four wonderful flavours that are designed solely with sweet-toothed vapers in mind. Each flavour in IVG’s Crushed range can be found as a 10ml 50/50 e-liquid, a 10ml nic salts e-liquid or as a 50ml shortfill e-liquid. So, without further ado, let’s delve deeper into each delicious flavour.


Frozen Cherries

IVG Frozen Cherries

Frozen Cherries kicks off the range and is a truly magnificent fruity flavour that combines the taste of freshly handpicked cherries with a blast of refreshing ice on exhale. Frozen Cherries is a wonderfully crafted flavour that perfectly encapsulates the classic IVG taste. This flavour is both sweet and sugary and is undoubtedly one of the standout flavours in IVG’s Crushed range. Frozen Cherries is a testimony to the fact that sometimes, simple e-liquid flavours can be the most effective. IVG have absolutely nailed the taste of sweet and juicy red cherries with this delightful flavour.

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Green Energy

IVG Green Energy

Next up in the IVG Crushed range, we have Green Energy, which is a stimulating concoction that features the taste of enchanting zesty limes drowned in a stimulating ice cold energy drink. Green Energy is a unique tasting flavour that boasts vibrant characteristics and delicious flavour. If energy drinks are your thing, this flavour is a must try for you as it perfectly combines the classic taste of a fizzy energy drink with neon hints of zesty lime. All in all, Green Energy is a superb, unique tasting blend that is certainly worth trying.

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Iced Melonade

IVG Iced Lemonade

IVG’s Iced Melonade is an absolute banger that is sure to satisfy even the sweetest of sweet-toothed vapers! IVG have a history of creating iconic lemonade flavours such as Summer Blaze and Riberry Lemonade. Iced Melonade is certainly worthy of a mention in this bracket of flavours and is sure to provide you with a mouth-watering blend of succulent taste. When first inhaling Iced Melonade, your taste-buds are greeted by an unmissable blast of delicious melon. As you begin to exhale, the taste of sweet lemonade takes over, before a blast of crushed ice tops things off. Iced Melonade is the perfect summertime vape and is a simply wonderful IVG creation.

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Paradise Lagoon

IVG Paradise Lagoon

The fourth and final flavour in the IVG shortfill range is Paradise Lagoon, which is a one of a kind tropical blend. Paradise Lagoon perfectly combines the taste of zesty lemons, juicy papaya and fresh pineapples and is topped off by a whisper of ice on exhale. This invigorating flavour is a must try for lovers of tropical flavoured vapes and is the ultimate flavour to conclude the new IVG Crushed range. The frosty exhale when vaping Paradise Lagoon compliments the flavour’s tropical taste beautifully, resulting in a wonderfully chilling shortfill.

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All in all, the IVG Crushed range features four beautifully crafted flavours that each boast their own persuasive qualities. IVG have delivered yet again with this superb range that lives up to their already incredibly high standards. Our final ratings for each flavour are as follows:


  • Frozen Cherries – 9.5/10
  • Green Energy – 8/10
  • Iced Melonade – 10/10
  • Paradise Lagoon – 9/10


It’s worth remembering of course that preference is subjective. This range features four wonderful flavours that lovers of iced flavours really ought to try. IVG have delivered once again with this superb range.

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