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SMOK Nord 2 - E-Cigarette Review


Founded in 2010, SMOK are one of the most recognisable brands in the e-cigarette industry. They are regarded by many as being up there with the best e-cig manufacturers in the world. Since SMOK were first established, they have been known as pioneers within the vaping industry and have developed countless successful e-cigarettes.


SMOK themselves estimate that they have sold over 80 million products worldwide, which truly shows their influence and power within the vaping market. One of SMOK’s most popular e-cigarette kits is the Nord, which is a stylish, compact pod device. Due to the success of the Nord, SMOK recently decided to release an updated version known as the Nord 2.


The SMOK Nord 2 is a button powered pod system with a stunning 1500mAh battery capacity, charging display interface, adjustable wattage and various protective features. This kit has been greeted with an incredibly warm reception since its release and is available in 9 beautiful colours.


The Nord 2 is a pod device and features pre-installed coils, meaning it is incredibly easy to maintain and navigate for anyone who may not have the greatest understanding of e-cigarettes. The Nord 2’s embedded, advanced chipset gives it the capability to produce more flavour and exert extra power compared to its predecessor.


One of the most impressive things about the Nord 2 is its size and weight. Weighing at only 79 grams, the Nord 2 is incredibly thin and lightweight, meaning it fits in the palm of your hand or your pocket unbelievably easily. It also features adjustable wattage that can reach heights of up to 40W, meaning you can tailor your experience depending on your desired power.


Another striking feature that the SMOK Nord 2 boasts is a 0.69 Inch OLED screen. This easy to right, bright display clearly shows important information such as the wattage and the device’s battery life. A charging display status also allows for the user to easily decipher whether or not the Nord 2 is fully charged.


The Nord 2 also includes intelligent detection protocols which protect the device from a number of potential dangers such as low voltage and short circuiting.


In conclusion, this device is a magnificent option for anyone looking to purchase a new e-cigarette that is light and easy to carry around. The Nord 2 may only be small but it certainly packs a punch and is able to reach 40 watts, which is plenty for the average vaper. At just £24.99, the SMOK Nord 2 magnificent value for anyone looking to purchase a new pod system and is a small e-cigarette that we recommend highly here at Go-Liquid. Scroll down and see the Related Products section to view the SMOK Nord 2 in our store.


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