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The Top 10 Best Fruit E-Liquid Flavours of 2020


Here at Go-Liquid, we have over 200 different fruit flavoured e-liquid variants. Whether you’re looking for a simple blueberry flavour or a more complex blend of passion fruit­­­, strawberries & raspberries (Shoku by Twelve Monkeys), the chances are you’ll find it in our store. We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favourite fruity flavours here at Go-Liquid to help you find your new favourite flavour. Here goes:


  1. Watermelon Chill by Element E-Liquid:


Element E-Liquid need no introduction. They are probably the most famous global e-liquid brand and you can find the Florida based company’s e-liquid across all corners of the world. Watermelon Chill is a simple yet ridiculously effective flavour.


Watermelon Chill features the refreshing sweetness of watermelon slices topped off by a smooth hint of fresh mint. This flavour is ridiculously invigorating and is a demonstration of Element’s ability to make a mouth-watering, fruity flavour. If you happen to be a fan of watermelon e-liquid then look no further than Watermelon Chill.


Available as a 10ml E-Liquid for £3.99 or a 50ml Shortfill for £13.99.


  1. Blue Raspberry by IVG:


Blue Raspberry is a delightful, fresh flavour produced by none other than IVG; who like Element, are one of the world’s most popular e-liquid brands. Blue Raspberry features the sweet taste of sharp blue raspberries and is topped off by a thin layer of ice.


When paired together, the taste of blue raspberries and ice replicates the classic flavour of a refreshing slushie drink. Blue Raspberry is a brilliant flavour that is sure to leave your taste-buds feeling refreshed. IVG are masters of creating sweet, fruity flavours and Blue Raspberry is a testimony to that.


Available as a 10ml E-Liquid or 10ml Nic Salts for £3.99.


  1. Strawberry Kiwi by Vampire Vape:


Vampire Vape are another giant within the e-liquid industry. Known best for their iconic Heisenberg & Pinkman flavours, the rest of Vampire Vape’s flavours are often unfortunately overlooked.


Strawberry Kiwi is a sweet, nectarous e-liquid that features the bittersweet combination of zesty limes and freshly picked strawberries. Strawberry Kiwi is without a doubt one of Vampire Vape’s most underrated flavours. This exquisite flavour will leaving you just wanting more.


Available as a 10ml E-Liquid for £3.99.


  1. Raspberry Tunes by Classic House:


Raspberry Tunes is a menthol delight that you can find within the Classic House range. Featuring a refreshing blend of raspberries, eucalyptus and aniseed, Raspberry Tunes replicates the classic retro taste of lozenge sweets.


Aniseed flavoured e-liquid is the Marmite of the vaping industry; you’ll either love it or detest it. If you happen to be a fan of aniseed then we highly recommend trying Raspberry Tunes. If you aren’t the biggest fan of it, then this flavour probably isn’t the one for you!


Available as a 50ml Shortfill for £9.99.


  1. Lemon Orange & Mandarin by E-Liquid France:


E-Liquid France are known within the vaping industry as being masters of blending complex flavours into one bottle. Their Fruizee range features a collection of sweet, fruit based flavours. Lemon Orange & Mandarin is without a doubt one of the most elegant and enchanting flavours within this range.


Lemon Orange & Mandarin features a delicate blend of citrus fruits, bringing you the irresistible taste of Summer no matter what the weather. This flavour is one of our best selling E-Liquid France flavours and if you’ve been lucky enough to try it, you’ll know just why its so highly regarded.


Available as a 10ml E-Liquid for £3.99.


  1. Zen by Element E-Liquid:


At number five on our list, we have another flavour from Element. This one’s a more complex blend than Watermelon Chill and features a collection of delicious tropical fruits. The word Zen means ‘to be peaceful and relaxed’ and it’s fair to say that Zen will leave you feeling just that.


Zen features a stress relieving blend of lychee, guava, sweet peach and passionflower. This tropical fusion of nectarous fruits is absolutely mouth-watering and is without a shadow of a doubt one of Element’s most slept on flavours. Try Zen if you haven’t already. We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!


Available as a 10ml E-Liquid for £3.99 or a 50ml Shortfill for £13.99.


  1. Pure Frozen Açai by Riot Squad:


At number four, we have our first addition to the list by Riot Squad. Riot Squad are a British e-liquid brand who have been making serious noise in the vaping industry in recent years due to their bold packaging and wonderful flavours.


Pure Frozen Açai is one of their most recent flavours from their Black Edition Range. On inhale, you are greeted by soothingly cool frozen açai berries before the delicious taste of icy koolada takes over. Pure Frozen Açai is a truly refreshing flavour and is the definition of an all day vape.


Available as a 10ml Nicotine Salts E-Liquid for £3.99 or a 50ml Shortfill for £13.99.


  1. Blackcurrant Millions by IVG:


Blackcurrant Millions is without a doubt one of IVG’s most iconic flavours. It features an irresistible blend of ripe blackcurrants topped off with sticky bubble-gum undertones. This ridiculously sweet e-liquid is a demonstration of IVG’s ability to produce top tier sweet e-liquid.


This flavour is one of our best-selling IVG flavours and is a staple flavour within their brand. The sweet taste of blackberries topped off with bubble-gum candylike undertones makes it truly mouth-watering. Blackcurrant Millions is a flavour that will leave you feeling totally satisfied.


Available as a 10ml E-Liquid for £3.99 or a 50ml Shortfill for £13.99.


  1. Melon Grenade by Punk Grenade:


The Punk Grenade Range is sub-branch of Riot Squad and features a collection of gorgeous lemonade based flavours each with their own added twist. Melon Grenade features a sharp blend of tropical fruits.


On inhale, your taste-buds are greeted by the nectarous taste of sweet cantaloupe melon, before the delightful taste of Sicilian Lemonade takes over. The Punk Grenade range is extremely popular in our store and it was hard to choose a single flavour from this range, however the sheer sweetness of Melon Grenade just gave it the edge over its other compatriots.


Available as a 50ml Shortfill for £13.99.


  1. Grape Vape by Element E-Liquid:


Crowning our list we have another ridiculously tasty flavour by Element. Grape Vape is part of their FAR range, which pays homage to the classic tastes of the States. There is an abundance of grape flavours available now within the vaping market and you won’t find one that’s nicer than Element’s Grape Vape.


Grape Vape features a masterful, full-bodied blend of Concord, Ruby and Red Globe grapes. Element have nailed the taste of grape e-liquid with this sensational flavour, which is why it’s number one on our list. If you happen to be a fan of grape flavoured e-liquid then we highly recommend you try this nectarous beauty.


Available as a 10ml E-Liquid for £3.99 or a 50ml Shortfill for £13.99.


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