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Flavour of the Week - Berry Medley by IVG


Introducing our latest Flavour of the Week! This week, we’ve got on an absolute cracker courtesy of IVG. ‘Berry Medley’ makes up one quarter of their latest ‘Juicy Range’ and is the flavour that we’ve crowned as our Flavour of the Week.


If you’ve been vaping for a couple of years, the chances are, you’ll have heard of IVG as they are a household vaping name, especially here in the UK. Despite only being founded in 2016, the British company are now one of the world’s leading e-liquid brands.


The Lancashire based brand have won countless awards for their innovative, mouth-watering flavours. Unbelievably, you can now find their e-liquid in over 100 countries across all corners of the globe.


IVG’s Juicy Range features four fruity flavours each with their own unique twist. Berry Medley is one of the range’s standout flavours. This delicious delight features a combination of sweet British berries swirled together to make a vibrant concoction.


On inhale, Berry Medley boasts bittersweet qualities with rich blackcurrants and juicy raspberries fighting for dominance. As you begin to exhale, the taste of crisp, green apples takes over and soothes your palate.


The most beautiful quality of IVG’s Berry Medley is the fact that it is the definition of an all-day-vape. Berry Medley isn’t too overpowering or sweet, making it a flavour that you can vape for hours upon end without getting tired of it. It’s also incredibly preserving in regards to coil life as it features a low amount of sugar compared to some fruity flavoured e-liquids.


If you enjoy the classic IVG taste, Berry Medley is certainly an e-liquid to try. Infact, the whole Juicy Range is really a standout collection of flavours that you should undoubtedly consider trying.


You can find IVG’s Berry Medley in our store as a 50ml shortfill, a 10ml e-liquid or a 10ml nicotine salts e-liquid, meaning you have options depending on which style of e-cig you use. To view Berry Medley in our store, scroll down to the ‘Related Products’ section of this page.

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