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Flavour of the Week - Green Apple & Kiwi Red Berry by Element E-Liquid


Our latest Flavour of the Week is a classic e-liquid that is part of Element’s Emulsions range. Element are a Florida based e-liquid manufacturer who are widely regarded as one of the world’s most premium e-liquid brands. You can find their e-liquid in all corners of the globe and they are best known for using only natural flavourings in their delicious e-liquid.


Element first rose to prominence with their Traditional range of e-liquid. This range is still their most popular to this day and features a variety of classic flavours each with their own distinct taste. Due to the popularity of this range, Element decided to launch a range of flavours known as Emulsions, which features two liquids from their Traditional range fused in to one bottle.


The Emulsions range includes a variety of critically acclaimed e-liquid and features iconic flavours such as Strawberry Whip + Banana Nut and Pink Grapefruit + Blueberry. Today, our Flavour of the Week is part of the Emulsions range and is a fruity treat. Our showcase flavour is none other than Green Apple & Kiwi Red Berry.


Straight off the bat, if you happen to be a fan of fruity flavours then this e-liquid is undoubtedly a must try for you. Green Apple & Kiwi Red Berry features a wonderful medley of ripe fruits and is without doubt one of the nicest flavours in this range. On inhale, you are greeted by fresh, crisp green apple which provides your taste buds with sour notes. A nectarous kiwi then takes over, which soothes your palette with sweet scented tunes. Throughout vaping, you can taste subtle berry undertones which complete this layered vape, making it truly fabulous.


There’s a reason why Green Apple & Kiwi Red Berry is our Flavour of the Week; the fact that it is truly delicious. Element are masters of blending flavours together and this e-liquid is a testimony to that. You can find Green Apple & Kiwi Red Berry as a 50ml shortfill and also as a 10ml bottle on our store now. Scroll further down to check it out in both forms.

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