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New - The Ohm Boy Vol 3 Nic Salt Range


The Ohm Boy Vol 3 Nic Salt range has just landed here at Go-Liquid. Featuring three mouth-watering flavours, this delicious trio is now available as nic salts at both 10mg and 20mg nicotine strength. Each flavour is available as part of our mix and match 3 For £10 mix and match offer, which includes all of our premium nic salt brands.


Ohm Boy are a premium British vaping brand who are best known for producing intricate fruity flavours that are bursting with lip-smacking flavour. Their exceptional ‘Vol 3’ range has been greeted with a warm reception by British vapers and features three fabulous fruity flavours each with a twang of rhubarb. Without further ado, let’s look at each individual flavour.


Mango Rhubarb

Mango Rhubarb - Ohm Boy Vol 3 Nic Salt

The first flavour in Ohm Boy’s Vol 3 is Mango Rhubarb, which is a must try for lovers of succulent tropical e-liquid. When first inhaling this delightful flavour, your taste-buds are greeted by the unmissable aroma of freshly sliced mango. Ohm Boy have perfectly encapsulated the enchanting taste of tropical mango with this delicious flavour. A sharp, tart rhubarb taste makes up the base of this flavour and is topped off on exhale by hints of ice.

To purchase Mango Rhubarb as a 10ml Nic Salt, click here.


Red Apple Rhubarb

 Red Apple Rhubarb - Ohm Boy Vol 3 Nic Salt

Red Apple Rhubarb is a magnificent concoction that perfectly plays between sweet and sour notes. The taste of crisp red apples is evident on inhale and is combined with the tang of delicious rhubarb. As you begin to exhale, a magnificent blast of cooling ice tops off this flavour for a truly invigorating vaping experience. Red Apple Rhubarb is a perfectly layered vape with a one of a kind taste.

To purchase Red Apple Rhubarb as a 10ml Nic Salt, click here.


Watermelon Rhubarb

 Watermelon Rhubarb - Ohm Boy Vol 3 Nic Salt

The third and final flavour in the Ohm Boy Vol 3 range is Watermelon Rhubarb. Arguably, we’ve saved the best until last with this vibrant blend. Watermelon Rhubarb is sure to teleport you to the shores of the tropics no matter where you may be. A juicy blast of watermelon is evident when first inhaling this magnificent flavour and is entwined with the taste of crisp rhubarb. Again, a slight layer of chilled ice on exhale is evident and really adds to this flavour in the best possible way.

To purchase Watermelon Rhubarb as a 10ml Nic Salt, click here.

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