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The 5 Best Element E-Liquid NS Flavours - Nicotine Salts Review


Element E-Liquid are an American based e-liquid company who are arguably the most recognisable vaping brand in the world. Element have been around since 2014, which is quite a long time in regards to the vaping industry. They are known best for their mainly simplistic flavours that are available in their Traditional range such as Watermelon Chill, Fresh Squeeze and Frost, and their iconic packaging which pays homage to the periodic table.


Element’s latest range of e-liquid is their NS Designer range, which features a collection of their most popular flavours in the the form of nicotine salts. Nicotine Salts basically allow the user to vape at a higher strength without the harsh throat hit. Nicotine Salts replace traditional freebase nicotine, allowing the user to vape at a higher strength without feeling the harshness. The idea of Nicotine Salts is to replicate the sensation of smoking in a more realistic manner than regular e-liquid.


Today, we shall be looking at the five best flavours available within Element’s NS Designer Nicotine Salts range. Of course, these flavours are my personal preference, so don’t take my word as absolute gospel! Anyhow, let’s get on with the list.


5 – Watermelon Chill


Kicking off our list, we have a wonderfully refreshing vape in the form of Watermelon Chill. This delicious tasting menthol treat features a blend of fresh, ripe slices of watermelon with an added hint of ice. Watermelon Chill is one of Element’s most popular flavours and the NS version certainly delivers just as well.


Watermelon Chill has always been one of my personal favourite Element flavours, when I realised they decided to launch a Nicotine Salts version, I was incredibly excited to try it. It’s safe to say I wasn’t disappointed. Watermelon Chill is an example of Element’s ability to create a simple, yet magnificent tasting flavour. This juicy flavour is topped off with a stimulating hint of mint, making it a truly irresistible flavour.


4 – Key Lime Cookie


At number four, we have Key Lime Cookie, which is described as Element themselves as ‘the dessert of the islands’. This melt in your mouth flavour features the unchallenged, classic taste of soft, doughy and buttery cookies and is topped off by the bittersweet citrus taste of Floridian Key Limes.


Key Lime Cookie is one Element’s best dessert flavours in my opinion. It is a truly unique tasting flavour that perfectly captures the balance between a delicious dessert and a bold citrus fruit. If you happen to be a sucker for dessert flavours, then you must give Key Lime Cookie a whirl. It is a truly tangy, enchanting experience.


3 – Chocolate Tobacco


Seeing as Element are masters of creating tobacco flavoured e-liquid, it’s only right to include one variant in this list. The Floridian company are well known for their Tobacconist Range, which features a selection of tobacco based flavours each with their own charming twist. The Tobacconist Range features cult classics such as Honey Roasted Tobacco, Absinthe Tobacco and 555 Tobacco, however it is Chocolate Tobacco that makes the final cut today.


Chocolate Tobacco boasts the taste of smooth, velvety chocolate topped off with earthy tobacco notes. This flavour perfectly captures the contrast between two dissimilar flavours that happen to compliment each other perfectly. If you happen to be looking for a new tobacco flavour, Chocolate Tobacco is without a doubt one to consider.


2 – Mango Passion


Mango Passion takes the number two spot on our list. This delectable flavour is part of Element’s Sub Zero Range, which features three menthol based e-liquids each with an intertwined fruity fusion. Mango Passion is without a doubt one of Element’s sweetest flavours and offers you a smooth, calming throat hit with an addition of ice.


On inhale, your taste buds are greeted by the mouth-watering taste of sweet mango and divine passion fruit, before a ridiculously soothing blast of ice completes the flavour. Mango Passion is a testimony to Element’s ability to create a delicious sweet, fruit based flavour. I would consider it up there with the likes of Fresh Squeeze and Kiwi Red Berry.


1 – Strawberry Whip


Claiming first place and the king of our list, we have none other than Strawberry Whip, which just so happens to be one of the most decadent vape flavours I have ever tasted. Strawberry Whip is a ridiculously good, creamy flavour that features a decadent blend of tart berries topped off by soft vanilla.


Element have managed to amp up the taste of luscious strawberries and raspberries, and paired them with an irresistible shortcake base. This decadent flavoured vape is without a doubt the worthy champion of our list. There’s something so satisfying about a strawberry flavour that’s done right. Element have managed to perfectly capture the contrast between luscious berries and a ludicrous tart base and have created a thing of beauty with Strawberry Whip.



Conclusion –


So there you have it; our top five Element NS Designer flavours. This range of Nicotine Salts based e-liquid is available in our store now at strengths of 5, 10 and 20mg in 10ml bottles. You can pick up each flavour for just £3.99 each or as part of our mix and match 3 For £10 offer, which includes a variety of brands such as IVG, Chief of Vapes, Riot Squad and Double Drip. Remember, all orders from our site are processed with FREE UK First Class Royal Mail delivery.


To view the Element NS Designer Range CLICK HERE.

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